Xinnan Wire Mesh


Stainless Steel Rope Mesh – A Perfect Combination of High Strength, Flexibility and Durability

Stainless steel rope mesh has excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which means the rope mesh material is lighter in weight while achieving the same strength. Using high-quality stainless steel wire rope materials makes the cable mesh more flexible and durable. It can be flexibly installed in various places, such as balustrades on bridges and stairs, zoo fences, architectural facade systems, etc.

Stainless steel rope mesh is divided into wire rope ferrule mesh and hand woven mesh by production technology.

Wire Rope
  • 1/8" x 1000' 7x

  • 1/16" 7X7 Stain

  • 7/32 7X19 Stainless

  • 7x19 6mm stainless

  • 7x7 6mm Stainless St

Wire Rope Fittings
  • 1/4" Copper Swa

  • 1/4" Heavy Duty

  • 1/4" Standard D

  • 1/4" Aluminum S

  • Nicopress 1/16"

  • CM 3/8" Drop Fo